Check Traffic Summons Online JPJ, PDRM And AES

Check Traffic Summons

Check Traffic Summons Online JPJ, PDRM And AES (Semak Saman PDRM Dan JPJ Online Atau SMS)

1. Check the police summons via SMS
PDRM provides a convenient channel to check traffic summons via short message service (SMS). There are 3 ways to check summons via SMS:

 # 1:
Type: POLICE SUMMONS <space> <space> registration / vehicles no. Send to 32728
Example: POLICE SUMMONS WEV1025 send to 32728

 # 2:
POLICE SUMMONS <space> type vehicle no and send to 15888
Example: POLICE SUMMONS WEV1025 and send ke15888

# 3:
Example: POLICE SUMMONS 123456781234 send to 32728

2. Check Online Police Summons Via Police Official Portal
1) For those already registered - can login here
2) For New registration please register here

3. Check Summons Online Via JPJ Official Portal
Please click this link: Website RTD either by using only NRIC or NRIC and Vehicle No

4. Check the summons, driving license and demerit (KEJARA) points JPJ via SMS:
JPJ Type your IC Number and send to 37773
Example: jpj 123456734000 send to 37773

myeg services

5. Check Summons Traffic & Payment Via Online (MYEG System)
Using this method easier for user to check your summons. All in one page. What you need to do now is:

You can go to> MyEG Services Berhad

For Registered users MyEG, you can continue login with your username and password

For first time users, you must first register personal details before you can begin to check your summons.

Press the Register Now (Register Now)

You have to fill out all the details as requested ...Then you can send

Once done you can log in using your username and password. You can choose to check which one suit either check or check JPJ summons summons Police (PDRM)

Enter your car plate number and then send. Summons will come out immediately if you commit an offense. You can pay using a credit card. Do not forget to print once as proof of receipt & storage

5. For Android Smartphone Users
Application can be downloaded HERE

6. Through
Can check at RILEK website. RILEK stands for Electronic Government Network Interactive Sites

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