Malaysia Education Blueprint Tahun 2013-2025

Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025The approach to the Malaysia Education Blueprint was bold and ground-breaking. Multiple perspectives were gathered from various experts and international agencies to evaluate and assess Malaysia’s education system performance. This includes the World Bank, UNESCO, and the OECD. The Ministry also consulted related policy documents produced by other agencies, including the National Higher Education Strategic Plan 2007-2020 and the Blueprint on the Enculturation of Lifelong Learning for Malaysia 2011-2020. Finally, the Ministry engaged with the rakyat on a scale never seen before.
Malaysia Education Blueprint is the outcome of in-depth analyses, interviews, focus groups, surveys and research conducted with the support of Malaysian and international experts, Ministry officials, teachers, principals and parents all across Malaysia. In addition, through the National Dialogue conducted between April and July of 2012, almost 12,000 members of the public and different stakeholder groups were engaged for their input and suggestions. In September 2012, the Ministry launched the Preliminary Education Blueprint 2013-2025, garnering significant public interest. Feedback in the form of articles, blog posts, Open Days, memorandums and independently organised discussions served as inputs to the final Education Blueprint. The Blueprint includes action plans and priority interventions for the transformation of the overall education system - SUMBER Bintang Sukan
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